Francesca Sharkey has exhibited regularly in London over the past decade(s).  After graduating from Plymouth University (Exeter Faculty of Art and Design) in 1993 with a BA Hons in Fine Art, she spent 3 years in Paris, where she designed theatre sets for an opera company. She started painting dogs in 2017.


BA Hons, Fine Art, University of Plymouth, Exeter Faculty of Art and Design

National College of Art and Design, Dublin (3 month Erasmus Cultural Exchange)


2015: Parallax Art Fair, Kings Road, London

2010: Shipton Street Gallery, London

2008: Shipton Street Gallery, London

2007 : Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

2006 :Inn on The Green, Notting Hill, London

2003 : Studio Lounge, Waterstones, Piccadilly, London

2002 : First Out, Cafe/Bar, Westminster

2000 : Soho Curzon, London

1999 Wine Gallery, Chelsea, London


2008: Upstream People Gallery, 10th Annual Painting, Drawing, Photography & Print International Online Juried Art Exhibition

2008: Sartorial Contemporary Art, Group Show, Mothers Exhibition, London

2006 : ‘For Peel’ group show, No More Grey Gallery, Shoreditch, London

2004 : ‘Mothers’ group show, Oxford House, London

2001 : Start Gallery, Fulham, London

1999 : Boston University, London


2011: Tulane Review, Spring Issue, Tulane University

2010: Tulane Review, Spring Issue, Tulane University

2009: Tulane Review, Spring Issue, Tulane University

2008: Graphic commissioned work, Just Like Starting Over, theatre poster

2007: Commissioned painting, Head-Rapson Sisters

2007: Commissioned painting, The Naughty Fox

1996: Blaise Le Savetier, theatre design, Paris

1994: HAL, record cover design, Vinyl Japan Record Label


‘…displays a body of work which is both contemporary in feel while at the same time having something timeless about it. This timelessness is apparent due to the sometimes theatrical, almost stage-set quality of the compositions, and the vibrant use of contrasting colours… One painting which highlights very successfully this ambiguity in time and place is ‘Trafalgar Square’. At first sight I was led to consider whether the figures are simply ordinary people out on the street, or performing on a stage.

The subject matter of these paintings, primarily involving people in social situations, is lifted out of the ordinary or banal by Francesca’s intense use of colour and dramatic use of perspective: apparent in ‘Elvis Night’ where one man’s upper body and face looms in the foreground, creating a sense of drama and intrigue.

Each painting is very painterly in style…. capturing the intimacy, secrets, laughter – the inner thoughts of her characters. Each scene is expressive due to her choice of contrasting colour combinations, and her intense use of brushstroke, so much so that the atmosphere in each painting is almost tangible. Most specifically, I was struck by the sense of dramatic intrigue, achieved by the fascinating juxtaposition between the often open air of celebration and the sometimes darker sense of mystery.…overall, a very interesting and uplifting body of work.’

Angharad Morgan, MA RCA

Resident Art Critic February 06

‘Most striking! The use of colour especially is overwhelmingly intuitive and subtle. Light seems to dance, almost, on subjects that emit mystery and pathos.

The canvases draw one in, magnetically whilst these pictures never seem to